Rachel Lack
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The Bigger Picture

Ads, Posters & App Design


We set out to create a campaign that would help fight obesity and

encourage healthy living for middle school and high school students. 

Our goal was to make eating healthy seem like the option with more vibrance,

color and longer term benefits, and in doing so, we carried it out different types

of media. 


Tray Liners/Poster

Every week the school cafeteria will provide paper liners for the trays and both sides of the liners will give kids a different choice. The plain red side will be turned over when the kids choose unhealthy foods, but if kids choose healthy foods the colorful side of the liner will be turned over. The series of liners would make up a full poster by the end of the month. 


#TheBiggerPicture game consists of puzzles that make up healthy and unhealthy foods and a series of clues that contain facts of each food. It is set up like hangman and clearly shows a dividing line between good and bad food choices.

Interactive Poster Exterior

Our interactive poster will be located in middle schools and high schools around the country. Constantly promoting the Bigger Picture campaign.

Interactive Poster interior

The interior of our interactive poster educates kids and teens on benefits of healthy choices and consequences of unhealthy choices, while emphasizing the fact that there is a choice between both options.

Guerrilla Marketing

As part of our #BiggerPicture theme, we wanted to take it a step further and place inspiring images of athletes on stairs that could only be identified if kids and teens can see the whole picture rather than just a piece