Rachel Lack

Street Smart



Street Smart is an app designed to help people take precautions when going out,

specifically at night. Whether you are going out for a night run, or walking home from a

social gathering, not having your phone might represent some risks, and in these cases

 you should still be able to feel like you have a network of people ready in case of


The app is connected to a voice activated chip that is placed on a piece of clothing

or shoe and are synced at all times. Situations such as theft, assault, kidnapping, and

maybe just creeps following you, can be communicated through your chip to your app-

the app will then send signals to your primary and secondary contacts for an SOS, or in

worst case scenarios, it will alert 911. The benefits of this chip/app combo is that your

closest friends, family and police can track your geo location and send for help.


On the other hand, if you are listed as a contact, you too have access to the app which

will allow you to track your friend or family member and help them if need be.